LANBill - Hotspot & PPPoE Billing Software Creating a Wi-Fi Hotspot Zone, an ISP business can be so beneficial. To create a Hotspot Zone, a Hotspot Server and a Billing system are required. MikroTik Router is an ideal solution for Hotspot Server. It provides all the necessary features to connect and maintain Wi-Fi devices. But to make the Wi-Fi system automated and to get revenue report, a Hotspot Billing System is also required with the MikroTik Router. ' LANBill ' is a RADIUS based, Lightweight and high-performance Hotspot Billing System which makes a Wi-Fi network automated by integrating Voucher/Card based authentication and Online Payment System. 'LANBill' Hotspot is specially designed for MikroTik Hotspot Server. The key features of 'LANBill' Hotspot Billing System.


ISP Billing & PM WANI PDOA Software
  1. RADIUS based billing solution, used in different countries worldwide
  2. Lightweight, ultra-fast and responsive web-based Administration Control Panel and User Control Panel
  3. Unlimited MikroTik Router integration
  4. No public IP is required for MikroTik Router.
  5. Bandwidth limitation package
  6. Data limitation package.
  7. Customizable design and language
  8. Operator and Location management
  9. Reseller management
  10. Professionally designed prepaid vouchers/cards, integrated card generator
  11. Multiple pre-implemented payment gateways.
  12. User definable payment gateway.
  13. Real-time accounting and billing.
  14. Self-registration and account identity verification (by SMS).
  15. Usage notification system either SMS or Email.
  16. Automatic disconnection of expired data or time or both.
  17. OTP based Connection Tracking System (Binding device MAC to Phone number at first time connection).
  18. Financial accounting and reporting Benefits of LANBill Hotspot
  19. SaaS, Cloud, VPS or Local hosted server.
  20. Free consultation on MikroTik Hotspot.
  21. Ideal for hotels, airports, ISPs, street or any public network
  22. LANBill also for PM WANI PDOA Software, We have cover all The PM-WANI framework envisages provision of Broadband through Public Wi-Fi Hotspot

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